Transforming dead earbuds into POWERFUL wireless speakers 

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Got an old pair of headphones? Time to turn them into speakers! Also, new Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit audible.com/diyperks or text "diyperks" to 500 500 to try Audible today!


Broken Galaxy Buds (ebay): ebay.us/ehwwHX
(UK link: ebay.us/fwrmmp)

Speaker drivers:
2" subwoofer and radiator: www.soundimports.eu/en/tang-band-pr08-a.html
2" mid/treble unit: www.soundimports.eu/en/tectonic-elements-tebm35c10-4.html

(US) amzn.to/3u8yjb5
(UK) amzn.to/3t3Y1Mv
Protected batteries: uk.rs-online.com/web/p/speciality-size-rechargeable-batteries/8801558/

The guide will be uploaded shortly.

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30. april. 2021





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Thewonderjam 18 minutter siden
Okay, maybe Im just super out of the loop, but realistically how common are "old wireless earbuds that no longer work", since they only just became a thing when Airpods started the whole trend like 2-3 years ago? Can't be too many broken wireless earbuds hanging around. Edit. Okay, Ebay "for spare parts" But still, I found the initial phrasing and idea kinda amusing.
Brad Time siden
They sounded muffled compared to the Bose
christian felder
christian felder 2 timer siden
the bose ones sound a lot better
Mamush Batgat
Mamush Batgat 3 timer siden
Idea for another video: create a HIEND furniture. they are absurdly expensive
acdiaz 3 timer siden
This amazing. Do you blueprints or pdf of all the items and Information on making these
phil langstrom
phil langstrom 3 timer siden
sounded a bit dry they need a high rang tweeter
DIY MAKER 4 timer siden
I swear i just watched ur data recovery from hdd vid which was 7 yrs ago. You literally get 2 mil veiws now . Im hapy for u
spdf 5 timer siden
When's the guide coming?
BigDirtyBastard 5 timer siden
Remind me of Portal Turrets! The Cake was a LIE!
Uncle Damfee
Uncle Damfee 6 timer siden
How can anyone dislike this mans videos? He's a youtube treasure. Love his outlook, his passion, and how fucking genuine this man is.
PhantomKing3 7 timer siden
can you do more us links in your videos description
vince loizzo
vince loizzo 8 timer siden
your build are incredible keep up the good work (just subbed)
André Torres
André Torres 10 timer siden
I'm listening to his new speakers in the same Bose Speaker that he's compairing and thinking, "yeah, sure, it actually sounds better"
Manoj 11 timer siden
I don't know why but he reminds me a South African cricketer AB Devilliers 🙂
Noel 11 timer siden
Where do you got these feet from?
Z The Apostolic Kid
Z The Apostolic Kid 12 timer siden
Nobody can just do this if they already afford a speaker
dimuthu prabod
dimuthu prabod 13 timer siden
Plz add sinhala subtitles ( cc )
Niccolò Cavalet
Niccolò Cavalet 13 timer siden
This is amazing, i was about to waste a pair of broken tws, but after seeing this I think I'll try to make it!! Only one thing: is it possible for you to make the batteries rechargeable via USB while inside the speaker? Thank you
Noel 13 timer siden
Where is the full guide?
James Farnsworth
James Farnsworth 13 timer siden
You're a badass!! That was cool
pit uni
pit uni 13 timer siden
When are you going to show us the guide for making the hobbit-like house??
vivek dahale
vivek dahale 14 timer siden
You are fantastic and your presentation and speech is very audible
Marz 14 timer siden
Can you upload the instructions for the blue tooth speakers please
Mustafa Ak
Mustafa Ak 14 timer siden
Wallahi aklıma gelmişti
Joaquin Juarez
Joaquin Juarez 14 timer siden
Project Guide??
Luna Ruiz
Luna Ruiz 14 timer siden
I’d like to see something like this but with a way to be powered via usb so I can use a battery bank instead.
Nick Dannunzio
Nick Dannunzio 14 timer siden
Have you ever ran them constantly and monitored the time to determine an approximate "play time" before the batteries would need to be recharged...???
Bruno Spandonari
Bruno Spandonari 17 timer siden
thanks!!!!, i´ll do mines with old pair JBLs control 1 !!!
Mohammad Belouni
Mohammad Belouni 17 timer siden
I wish i saw this video 1 month ago 🤣
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 17 timer siden
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma 17 timer siden
Aah So satisfying aesthetics 😌
John Coops
John Coops 17 timer siden
Freaks me out every time he says "Ear BOOODs". Such an odd accent, pretending to speak English?
DJZofPCB 17 timer siden
I think i missed something... dont you have to push a button on the headphones to turn them on? I didnt see you address that switch, rather I heard you say that you will replace the battery and can add a switch? how does a switch to the battery and not the proper switch work? is it safe to assume that all headphones come on when there is a battery? without the actual on off button being pressed?.... signed "trying to understand"
Xsauce 18 timer siden
Where is the guide ?
K Granell
K Granell 18 timer siden
Should’ve added a pair button
Re - Start
Re - Start 18 timer siden
Where is the guide??
mlune666 19 timer siden
When and were will the guide be? I really want a set. I would have added a charger module to the units, easier than removing the batteries all the time.
Tech Explosion
Tech Explosion 20 timer siden
Sub 🐶 er
Ruiz Brandon
Ruiz Brandon 20 timer siden
Man i enjoy watching Movies like this.
Pixelated 20 timer siden
I like how he says use old earbuds like it's gonna be a cheap project. Then mentioned he used a $30000 CNC machine. Lol. This would only be moderately doable by most people if they use old speaker boxes as well and just concentrated on getting the electronics all sorted out. I could probably buy a reasonably cheap used car for what it actually cost this guy.
andres lopez
andres lopez 21 time siden
I can open the airbuds that’s it.but I watched the whole video 😂
REG B 23 timer siden
i have a knife and a screwdriver can i make one to?
Veronique Giselle
The old-fashioned cell pathogenetically strip because salary notablely bless within a roasted phone. nutritious, uneven mirror
Ritwik Gossain
Ritwik Gossain Dag siden
The Gaming Smashers
3 m soon
Aries Throttle
Aries Throttle Dag siden
Wattage of the amp? Tnx
Re - Start
Re - Start 18 timer siden
nzalog Dag siden
How would you pair them to another device... ?
John Schultz
John Schultz Dag siden
Fantastic project. Very enjoyable content. Thank you for sharing your skills.
The Modern Craftsman
I'm waiting for the guide so that I can build this
Dbitz Dag siden
I mean I was on board, brilliant idea.. one thing though. That was not a chamfer router bit... chamfer’s are flat. That was possibly a ‘no file’ or 1/8” round over bit... which can add a nice consistent touch. So does a bit of sand paper... cheaper and far less fussy as a bonus. for those that end up disappointed by a search for a chamfer bit looking similar to the one he mentions in this video..
Ben Cully
Ben Cully Dag siden
Listening to this video on planar speakers.... DIY speaker sounds so muddy compared to the off the shelf. I would have added tweeters to bring out the top end. End product looks awesome though!
John Smith
John Smith Dag siden
What a liar and jackass. A 2 inch woofer (it's NOT a fucking subwoofer) CANNOT go low, never mind "incredibly low" and it will NOT run a passive radiator etc. Stupid liar. Spend $69 and get a Klipsch bluetooth speaker.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Dag siden
you can't do this on an apple airpods
Mesirionye Emmanuel
José Guilherme Almeida Motta Santos
Would you, please, consider making a wind turbine or solar panel to power a entire home?
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata Dag siden
I got about 3 pairs of AirPods bet they’re awesome to use instead of cheap crappy ones and I bet a 500watt speaker is way better!
G K Dag siden
Interesting way to recycle but just curious.. Why didn't you add a way to just charge the batteries without taking the back apart? Just wire the rechargeables upto a USB-C adapter?
claudiu durlai
claudiu durlai Dag siden
Hey Matt. What do you think about this? nosections.info/green/0ZygaaWiY3x5m9w/video.html
ivan sky
ivan sky Dag siden
Don't you need to have the same exact speakers to hear the quality of the speakers
ivan sky
ivan sky Dag siden
Because if your speakers suck this speaker will sound trash
Nathan Wolff
Nathan Wolff Dag siden
When will the guide be uploaded? I'd really like to build this.
sunil majevadia
sunil majevadia Dag siden
I would love to make this but you haven’t got the diagrams for the circuit And where can I get the resistors and the capacity that you are using I am not an electrician but I would love to make this
Tathagata Roy
Tathagata Roy Dag siden
Sir can you please help My old laptop screen doesn't have any serial number It does but that is YQ700D087 I have no idea what to do Please help !!!!!!
Dr. XD_eceptive
Dr. XD_eceptive Dag siden
As fabulous as always, diy perk is a gem for diy community
Chris Mintjes
Chris Mintjes Dag siden
I would like to know how long they last on a full load.
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Dag siden
I'd love to see these with an input to charge the batteries with a charge cube instead of having to remove them.
Ahamefula Levi
Ahamefula Levi Dag siden
Your attention to detail man! Respect.
Net Needing Systems
Nice! Thanks for sharing!
َletyoudown Dag siden
Congratulations for 3 million subscribers 🥳
Vaibhav Mayekar
Vaibhav Mayekar Dag siden
superb work wonderful idea. Nice finishing.
Anil Patni
Anil Patni Dag siden
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Dag siden
I would love to buy these if they were on the market
Yurie 「ユリエ」
thats some noticeable sound quality difference even with my junkass headphone! nicely done!
SB45 Saransh Kumar
PLEASE upload the guide 🙏. Love your ideas, I get them too but I'm too lazy to act. You inspire me though, and I respect you for that.
SB45 Saransh Kumar
SB45 Saransh Kumar 2 timer siden
@billyboi456 When I click the layout link it says “Oops! We couldn't find that page.”
SB45 Saransh Kumar
SB45 Saransh Kumar 2 timer siden
@billyboi456 In the 3-cap circuit, the center one was 8.2 ohms 1% and the two side-ones were 33 ohms 1%. I didn't get "33.6" though. And all the rest of the resistors are 110 ohms 1%. So you are absolutely correct.
billyboi456 9 timer siden
Can someone help me identify this resistor? i.imgur.com/Vgw2Rwa.png I think it's an 8.26 Ohm 1% but I can't tell for sure
billyboi456 14 timer siden
If anyone sees a mistake or a something that seems off, let me know, I can update the diagram. I'll also see if I can finish off the whole circuit this weekend
billyboi456 16 timer siden
@SB45 Saransh Kumar Ok great, I think I have a decent layout of the audio signal circuitry so far. i.imgur.com/bU6jFg6.jpg
Kelig Avignon
Kelig Avignon Dag siden
But how do you "pair" new phones on these ?
Phillip Woody Shepherd
99.999% of viewers will never build these.
UrbyPilot21 Dag siden
The DIY speakers seem to have a deeper bass.
Cody Andrews
Cody Andrews Dag siden
Stuff this this just go get 2 UE speakers, pair them and put it on stereo 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Hola Como Estás
Dang this really tempt me to finally do one of the Matt’s projects, this is super cool and it’s really a super useful idea
Claudio RodriguesBCn
Robert Vogl
Robert Vogl 2 dager siden
Hey Matt! That's by far the best diy speaker project I've seen in a while! I'd love to build then myself. But where can I find the details (eg for the x-overs)? Do you share this information on patreon only?
AC Collection
AC Collection 2 dager siden
This is really cool!
harkirat singh
harkirat singh 2 dager siden
Prabhasa Madubhashana
Prabhasa Madubhashana 2 dager siden
any news on the guide
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BobRooney 2 dager siden
very exquisite and very detailed. your workmanship is stellar! wish i had this stuff on hand to try this project. problem for me is the cost. all that raw material plus the buds, the speakers/sub, amps, switches, lithium batteries, and battery pack would cost me more than just buying a good brand setup, like the waterproof JBL Boombox.
Cr Sankar
Cr Sankar 2 dager siden
Awesome one bro
John Rogers-Thorn
John Rogers-Thorn 2 dager siden
What about WiF, my respets if easier to installk
Drr Rr
Drr Rr 2 dager siden
Ricardo Leonard
Ricardo Leonard 2 dager siden
@DIY Perks the guide??? Frequency low pass filter details please..
Jismon Pc
Jismon Pc 2 timer siden
I too waiting for that
Kent Wisdom
Kent Wisdom 2 dager siden
This guy's voice is just so nice to listen to. I wish i could buy those speakers.
xplmr1 2 dager siden
All that and no charge port? I hate my kids toys that require a screw driver to access the batteries and usually there's only one screw!
The Central Scrutinizer
guaranteed not one viewer here even attempted to make these....who's got a complete woodshop and electronics lab @ their disposal....LMFAO
RealTeam Gaming
RealTeam Gaming 2 dager siden
11:05 Your car stereo's screwed.
Mike B
Mike B 2 dager siden
12 days and still no filter guide.
MelomenOne 2 dager siden
bose sounds much better
Darp Malone
Darp Malone 2 dager siden
Cool project. I've been checking back daily for some more info on the lpf / hpf. Any ETA?... Thanks
Angel Espinales
Angel Espinales 2 dager siden
Me listening to this on my fucked up airpods
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